7 Parkwood Road
L25 4RJ
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We accept payments by :-
  - PayPal       ( Click PayPal button )
  - Debit card   ( Click PayPal button )
  - Credit card   ( Click PayPal button )
  - direct Bank Transfer

At the moment we can only accept payments of £12 - we are working on this - if your purchase is less than that - then you might want to consider giving the remainder of the amount as a gift - whilst we work on fixing this.

Please make your payment and then send us an accompanying email in which you provide the details of your purchase :- Whether you are purchasing tickets for a forthcoming concert OR a CD or USB Memory Stick of our music.

Depending on what you have purchased will determine whether you need to provide your address ( to send your purchase ) - and whether it is a present \ gift for somebody. ( Your data will be treated in the strictest of confidence and only retained for your purchase ).

If you are paying by PayPal then click on the link. If you get the opportunity to select "Family or Friends" - then please choose "Family or Friends" as we will get the full amount of your payment.

If you want to pay by Bank Transfer then please contact us by Email - and we sill send our Bank's Sort Code and Account Number by return.

If you are purchasing tickets for a concert then our normal arrangement will be for them to be reserved for your collection at the entrance.

Thank you